NLP Lesson Number One:

The Map

is not the territory

Welcome To NLP-London...

Welcome to NLP-London website, welcome to the world of NLP-3—the neurolinguistic programming paradigma for the next generation.

So you just had your first NLP lesson right now: “The map is not the territory!” This is a most valuable piece of teaching, because if you confuse the map for the territory—i.e., the name of the thing for the real thing—then your are doomed to navigate on the surface of all matters, never plunging in the real thing, never tasting what it is like.

NLP: The Real Thing...

We at NLP London like to think ahead, and to think in technicolor—not in black & white, nor just in shades of grey. What we are offering you is the real thing—the hands-on know-how that will pave your path toward mind freedom and authenticity. NLP-3 is the natural evolution of neurolinguistic programming, enhanced by the latest human engineering techniques and by ancient wisdoms rivisited and adapted to our present day mind-setting.

We have taylored for you state-of-the-art lessons and courses on NLP, hypnosis, non-verbal communication, instant-rapport-building techniques and personality profiling skills in a fashion that is so versatile that only the sky will be your limit in applying them.

Unleashing Potentials With NLP

There is so much great potential in you, don't let it sleep, unleash it with neurolinguistic programming! Don't let your power go wasted, let your power free.

Managing business, corporate meetings, public relations, sales, job interviews, audience performances, romantic dating, self-growth, these are just a few of the potential applications that you will obtain trhough this knowledge.

NLP Elevates You in Power!

We are talking about the grammar of experience, the nuts & bolts of how our neurological and linguistic aspects of experience work and how we channel and perceive interpersonal communication.

So, don't miss this bus, take a free tour around our site and give us you feedback. We count on you, therefore feel free to count on us!

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